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Wine List

Welcome to our wine list.

Champagne and Sparkling Wines
White Burgundy
Red Burgundy
Rhone and Provence
Other French Whites
Other French Reds and Rosés
German Wines
Italian Wines
Spanish and Portuguese Wines
American Wines
Australian and New Zealand Wines
South African Wines
Local Wines
Rest of the World
Sherry, Port and Madeira
Pudding Wines
Organic Wines

Fingal-Rock wine list

Every wine listed has a short tasting note.

My favourite type of wine is Burgundian Pinot Noir (as you might guess from the address of this website), and our greatest strength is in wines from Burgundy (particularly red), where we deal direct with mainly young, talented growers who are aware of the threat of the New World and are producing, I think, really thrilling wines.  Another feature of red burgundy is that, contrary to myth, it need not be expensive - you will find dozens at under £20 listed on our site.  And compared to New World Pinot Noir these wines offer stunning value for money - true Pinot Noir flavours at prices that are generally below their New World competitors.

However, we do not ignore other areas - either in France or around the world:  we offer a carefully selected range of wines in styles to suit just about everyone (OK, so we can't help Liebfraumilch drinkers!), and all the wines we list are enthusiasms of ours.

In selecting wines we taste constantly, always on the look-out for individual wines with real character - they must be a positive pleasure to return to.  Not for us glossy, faultless, chemistry-set wines made to a formula (and a price point).  Above all we are concerned with the contents of the bottles we taste, not the labels on the outside.

We hope you enjoy the list.

Tom Innes.