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Red Burgundy


2001 - The weather was very difficult. There was rain at harvest time, and there was rot, which attacks the colouring matter in wines, resulting in some very light colours indeed in some cases. As a generalisation, the further south you go in the Côte d'Or (and beyond) the more tricky the vintage. Uneven for whites.
2002 - Lovely vintage (for both reds and whites) - exceptional ripeness with good balance.
2003 - Many growers seemed worried about this vintage on my visit to France in 2004 - there was talk of baked flavours, of raisins and prunes in the wines, and anxiety over volatile acidity. Personally, I was impressed by the wines, which seemed to me to have not only excellent colour, but good, ripe structure as well.
2004 - The wines have not aged well: green, stalky, mean flavours. Avoid.
2005 - Great vintage: benign weather conditions allowed a crop of healthy, perfectly ripe gapes to be harvested; both reds and whites are showing wonderful balance.
2006 - Very attractive vintage of early-maturing wines. Most wines up to and including village level are drinking very well now, and some Premier Crus as well. Low tannins, lighter colour than 2005 (not surprisingly!), but lovely fresh fruit. Similar in character to 2000, but better quality.
2007 - Difficult year, with a damp summer causing a lot of rot. Small quantities of very early-maturing wines, earlier than 2006. As always, it depends on the grower - for example, the Domaine Gachot-Monot used tables de trie for the first time, and has made some very appetising wines.
2008 - Good colour, and lovely flavour in the wines I have tasted, combined with a firmness that bodes well for the future. Good whites as well.
2009 - The growing season, and harvest, went swimmingly, producing large quantities of healthy, ripe grapes. Easy to taste in their youth, the world's press went overboard for this vintage. Of course, many will keep well, but it looks as though the 2010s will last longer.
2010 - Very fine vintage - tiny yields, but fine, concentrated wines with good colour and the structure to give them a good future. Good whites as well.
2011 - A lighter vintage, but some delicious wines with a spicy dimension, displaying their orgins most attractively. This vintage has turned out better than expected - nice acidity has allowed the wines to develop most attractively. 


This vintage, 2018, is showing very deep colour, still very youthful - could do with a bit more bottle age.


Domaine de l'Évêché
A light but delicious Pinot Noir from southern Burgundy.


BOURGOGNE 2016 Domaine Gachot-Monot
Though a mere Bourgogne, this displays proper burgundian Pinot Noir characteristics, with lots of fresh bouncy fruit.


Domaine Thevenot-Le Brun

From this domaine's best vineyard - a south-facing well-drained slope facing the village of Marey-les-Fussey. Lively, fresh redcurrant fruit. Still developing.


BOURGOGNE Pinot Noir 2018 Domaine Denis Pommier
Denis and Isabelle Pommier mainly produce Chablis, but cultivate a few Pinot Noir vines. The 2018 still needs a little time to settle down, but will get there! 


BOURGOGNE "Chant de Muses" 2016 Domaine Gachot-Monot
This comes from a parcel of vines on the edge of the village of Chambolle-Musigny, but just outside the appellation. A step up in quality from this domaine's straight Bourgogne.


SANTENAY "Les Charmes Dessus" 2014 Domaine Claude Nouveau
This is developing more slowly than the preceding vintage - still quite vigorous, though with mellow notes begining to appear. 


AUXEY-DURESSES 2010 Domaine Diconne
2010 red burgundies are distinguished by their good acidity - they are still absolutely fresh and lively, as evidenced by this Auxey-Duresses from Christophe Diconne.


CÔTE DE NUITS VILLAGES 2016 Domaine Gachot-Monot
I kept back 2016s and sold 2017s first because they were developing more quickly. 2017 has now all gone, and happily the 2016 is coming into its own now. 


MARANGES 1er Cru La Fussière 2014 Domaine Claude Nouveau
The house style of Nouveau is pale and light, but with really good Pinot Noir smell, and flavour of red fruits, with a touch of farmyard after a few years in bottle.


CÔTE DE NUITS VILLAGES "Les Chaillots" 2016 Domaine Gachot-Monot
The same comment here as for the straight Côtes de Nuits Villages above. To my taste 2016s have a very special character of extraordinarily lively fruit that I find very appealing.


SANTENAY 1er Cru Grand Clos Rousseau 2017 Domaine Claude Nouveau
A delicious follow-on to the 2014.


BOURGOGNE HAUTES CÔTES DE NUITS "Clos des Dames Huguettes" 2018
Domaine Philippe

This is a reliably wonderful, reasonably priced burgundy that I have been buying for over twenty years - and it also ages well. The vineyard is just outside the appellation of Nuits Saint Georges, but produces wine similar in style, without the hefty price tag, making it excellent value. Try this wine - it's a brilliant mouthful of Burgundian Pinot Noir.


SAINT ROMAIN "Sous le Château" 2017 Domaine Prunier-Bonheur
The style of Pascal Prunier's reds is very pale - but lots of flavour.


MONTHÉLIE "Les Crays" 2016 Domaine Prunier-Bonheur
Drinking now but can be cellared for several years yet.  


NUITS SAINT GEORGES "Vieilles Vignes" 2017 Domaine Philippe Gavignet
This is impeccable Nuits St. Georges, with lively fruit, a touch of vanillla, and a long, full finish.  


NUITS SAINT GEORGES 1er Cru "Les Bousselots" 2017
Domaine Philippe Gavignet
Rich, serious Premier Cru Nuits St. Georges, described by Clive Coates MW as "solid".