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Sherry, Port and Madeira

ALEGRIA Manzanilla (Sherry) Williams & Humbert - Half bottles
Wonderful smell of "manzanilla" - camomile. The lightest, driest style of sherry.



FINO PERDIDO Sanchez Romate
Brilliant aged Fino from a small solera of only 15 casks. Slightly more colour than most Finos, but still very pale. Flavours of nuts, burnt caramel, apples and yeast - dry and rich. This is a truly brilliant sherry.



PANDO Fino (Sherry) Williams & Humbert
Dry sherry with a lovely broad flavour.


WALNUT BROWN (Brown Sherry) Williams & Humbert
Sweet sherry. Sounds horrible, but this is exceptional - try it after dinner instead of Port.


MADEIRA Dry H.M.Borges
In the style of Sercial - though actually not that dry - this is a treat.


RAMOS PINTO Late Bottled Vintage Port 2018
In my opinion late-bottled vintage port offers excellent value - much better than ruby, which is to be avoided (low quality and dull). LBV gives you something of the character of proper vintage port, without the price tag.


MADEIRA Boal (10 year old) H.M. Borges
Sweetish Madeira from a family-owned company. This is bottled sunshine. Superb quality.


PORT Vintage 1983 Warre
Mature vintage port, drinking well now. Michael Broadbent gives this **** in his Vintage Wine book, describing it as "sweet without being cloying, lovely flavour and texture, a bit lean but with characteristic Warre elegance and firm dry tannic finish".